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Areas of Practice

Count on Dana D. Taylor, Attorney at Law, for high-quality legal representation in uncontested and contested divorce cases involving complex issues. Ms. Taylor has years of experience dividing property, debts, retirement benefits and company holdings through a divorce. Allow Ms. Taylor to guide you successfully through all divorce issues, which include ensuring that temporary court orders are in place until a divorce is finalized, issues with children in a divorce, payment of alimony/spousal support, restraining orders, and more.
Child Custody, Support, and Visitation
Few issues are more troubling to parents than court orders for child custody, child support, and visitation. Look to Ms. Taylor for easy-to-understand explanations of custody, child support, health insurance and visitation under Texas law. Ms. Taylor stands ready to assist you in establishing new court orders, enforcing existing court orders that are not being obeyed by a parent, or modifying existing court orders that no longer fit your circumstances.
Men and women are welcome to seek Ms. Taylor’s advice on establishing a man’s paternity or defending a man against being found to be a biological father.
Texas Attorney General Cases
The Texas Attorney General often appears unexpectedly in parents’ lives. Rely on Ms. Taylor, Attorney at Law, to navigate you through the Texas Attorney General process, including representation in paternity testing, establishing child support and defending against suits to collect back-owed child support.
Throughout her years of practice, Ms. Taylor has enjoyed representation in adoptions involving children from newborns to teenagers. Depend on Ms. Taylor to ensure that your new family is legally protected by complying with the many Texas adoption laws.
Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship
Did you know that a mother or a father may be able to voluntarily terminate his or her relationship with a child, or that a mother or a father’s relationship with a child may be involuntarily terminated for one of the several reasons allowed by Texas law? When faced with this situation, trust Ms. Taylor’s guidance on terminating or preserving your parent-child relationship.
Grandparents’ Rights
More and more grandparents find themselves raising grandchildren. However, grandparents’ rights are limited under Texas law. Allow Ms. Taylor to assist you in understanding your rights as a grandparent, including your rights when it comes to the custody and visitation of grandchildren.
Domestic or Family Violence
Since beginning practice in 1999, Ms. Taylor has routinely represented women and men suffering as victims of family violence. Trust Ms. Taylor to fight for your rights and your protection when you are seeking a Family Violence Protective Order or when establishing family-violence sensitive court orders for children, families, and property.
Please feel free to contact Ms. Taylor even if your particular legal issue does not fit a category described above. Ms. Taylor practices throughout the State of Texas, but emphasizes practice in the following locations:
  • Odessa
  • Midland
  • Andrews
  • Big Spring
  • Crane
  • Kermit
  • Monahans
  • Fort Stockton – Pecos Area

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